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Hi!  The "Holly" of this webpage is the avatar "holly_esprit" at the 3D community of There.com, and you got here by clicking on the link to this site from my profile. 


Looks like the recession has claimed another victim! 

I will miss being online with my friends!  You were all very special, and I hope that, in sharing our lives together online, we helped each other have fun and be better persons!

I have not decided where to go online next, much less if I will go online.  However, I am very certain I will not be going onto Second Life: those of you who know me know I am a serious Christian striving to develop my ability to talk to God, and so far, I am not only not being led to go there, but my wife has registered objections to me going there due to the higher amount of "adult" material on it. If you e-mail me your e-mail address (holly@sixie.net), I will e-mail you when I DO go online, and I will also post where I do go and my avatar name. 

Okay, here's the answer to the question uppermost in people's minds: Why does a guy have a chick account?

Here's the answer to the second uppermost question asked about me: What is your guy account?

Here is the World English Bible at my website!

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