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After a lot of dropped hints that my explanations of my personal twist on Christianity would get a better reception if they came out of a guy avatar's mouth, I created WindKnight54. 

I don't log on with him that often because my online "personality" changes somewhat when I run him rather than Holly.  He exists only to teach Christianity, and only within a context where people (other Christians, I am sorry to say) have problems with a guy having a girl avatar.  He's pretty much "all business" so to speak, and that effect seems to "back up" from the avie to the person at the keyboard.  Once people meet both avatars, they vastly prefer Holly to Windknight, which is probably not surprising since she IS much nicer to look at, has a bigger wardrobe and on-line wallet, and has a 'better' online personality.

So which is the REAL me?

I think both and neither are.  You gotta "add them together" to get the whole me.  They both are filters, with Windknight filtering out the girl and exposing the "all guy" me, while Holly filters out specifically masculine elements and expresses those common to both genders.

Having said that, I obviously prefer logging on as Holly.  As a guy in real life, people shift a lot of loads onto me, and the burden gets heavier the longer I stay in one place.  Windknight kinda reminds me of that when I am logged on, so I guess I come through as more reserved.  Through Holly, I can "let my hair down", kick back, relax, be more fun, emote, connect to people a touch more intimately, and even be a bit irresponsible at times: how much trouble can "bits" REALLY get into?  (Actually, a lot, but that's the subject of another 'page' on this website).  Windknight's message is "get serious!"  while Holly's is "have fun!"

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