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So you're asking "Why is a guy like me doing with a chick account?"

Good question.  Pick one of the following:

  1. This is my art project.
  2. I was mentally scarred by thoughtless girls while at High School, and I swore I could be a better girl than they could be.
  3. I am a good role-player, so thinking and acting like a girl on-line at There is a way to stretch my mind.
  4. I am a famous french sculptor using There as a cheap-ass CAD program to map out my next great masterpiece.
  5. A guy thinking and acting like a girl online is a guy thinking waaay outside of the box.  Those who know me in real life  agree that I think outside of the box.  My upper management also thinks that I am out of my mind as well, but let's not go there...
  6. Originally, the main character of "Tomb Raider" was supposed to be a guy, but when the game went through play testing at quality control, one of the testers (with yearnings to be a character artist) swapped out the character files with those of the now-famous Lara Croft when testing the game mechanics.  When the guy was put in and the result shown to the president of the company, he disliked the result and ordered that the Hero be Lara, which is how the first female hero of a computer RPG came to be. 

    When the play tester was asked why he initially put Lara into the game during play testing, he answered "I have to look at that character for hours while testing!  A girl's butt is nicer to look at than a guy's!"

    I agree.
  7. I am an actor trying to wrap my head around the lead role of an on-stage adaptation of "Tootsie".
  8. I am really an advance scout for a great invasion fleet from  the planet Zygex, sent to gather a psychological profile of humanity to ease the task of turning you all into our personal laundry slaves.  When I had to fill out the application for an avatar, I had no idea what to choose when they asked me for the sex of my Avatar.

    So I picked what looked like the dominant sex of your species.
  9. I had a daughter who died 6 months into my wife's pregnancy.  I wanted a daughter very much, but when we tried again, we got my second boy.  I love him just as much, of course, but we could not afford to try for a third child, because I swore I would send all my kids to college on my dime and not make them scramble like I and my wife did financially to get through.

    But from time to time, I wonder what she would have looked like, although from looking at her after the doctor had pulled her out to avoid my wife getting a serious infection, I could tell she'd have black hair.  Beyond that, nothing.

    Then I came across There.com, and decided it was time to fill in that picture of the girl I never got to know.


One of the above reasons is the true one.  Guess which one. 


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